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How do I purchase a class?

Once you have decided on a class, click the link to take you to information about the class. On the class description page will be options to purchase the class. You will be able to choose from downloadable pdf, hardcopy printed book, or online. Click on the link for the format you choose and you will be directed to the registration page. Once you complete the material, you will complete a multiple-choice question assessment. Once the assessment has been scored, you will receive a certificate showing you completed the class.
Online classes are scored immediately and the certificate is immediately available for download.
For pdf and book versions:
You can complete the assessment included in the back of the book, scan, and email to me, or email me to request a link and password to access an online version of the assessment. Once the assessment is received and scored, you will be sent a certificate by email.

How do I get the downloadable version?

When you purchase the pdf version of the class, you will receive a link that leads you to the download. You will click on the link to initiate the download of the pdf to your computer or device. You will then use Adobe Reader to open the document.

What are the assessments like?

The assessments consist of multiple choice questions. There are 5 questions for each hour of credit. Usually the questions follow along the order of the class, allowing you an opportunity to look up answers as necessary. You must have a passing score of 70% to receive a certificate.

What do you mean by “mobile friendly”?

Online classes are offered through a third party, Table Mesa, which allows the classes to be easily accessed on any device, including laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop. No special apps are needed.

How do I purchase a class?

Each class will offer different format options: online, downloadable pdf, or hardcopy book.
When you choose a class, on the class description page will be buttons to register for the format you choose. If you choose the online class, you will be redirected to TableMesa, where you will be guided through enrolling and paying for the class.
If you choose a downloadable or hardcopy, you will be taken to a secure payment page through PayPal. If you choose to download the pdf, once your payment is received, you will be provided a link to the download. Click on the link to download the class to your device. If you choose to obtain a hardcopy book, your book will be mailed within 3 business days of the order being placed.

What are the deadlines for registration?

Because the class is done on your schedule, there is no deadline for registration. You can register for the online class or purchase the downloadable class at your convenience any time. You can order the hard copy book of the class any time, but you will not receive a confirmation of purchase until the following business day.

What is your refund policy?

Payments for downloadable classes are refundable within 5 days of registering for the course, minus a 10% processing fee. Payments for hard copy books and manuals are refundable for 5 days pending shipment of the book. Once the book has been shipped, no fees are refundable. Refunds for online classes can be arranged with Table Mesa directly through their chat option.

How are payments handled?

Payments for online classes are handled through a secure third party, Table Mesa. Payments for downloadable pdf's and hard copy books are handled through PayPal, keeping your information secure.

What if I don’t have a credit card or PayPal account?

Both PayPal and Table Mesa will allow another person to pay for your class or book, using their credit card.

Is the website secure? Do you keep my information private?

Table Mesa’s website is secure and none of your information is ever sold or used except to keep your records of classes you have taken. Information obtained on this website for purchases is never sold or shared with others and payment is made through PayPal, so no information is retained by Advanced Holistic Healing Arts.

How are student records handled?

All information on this and Table Mesa’s website is secure and the student’s information will not be sold to any third party. The owner (either Advanced Holistic Healing Arts or Table Mesa) will keep student records on file indefinitely. Replace copies of certificates will be available by request.

Do you send certificates to the state?

Because there are other forms to complete, we do not send the information to your state. You are expected to include the documents with your renewal.

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, you will receive a receipt upon purchase.

How do I read a pdf book if I download the book?

You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone which supports PDF files. Most tablets and smartphones can read PDF’s without installing an app. Most computers include Adobe reader which will read the PDFs. If you have an old version of Adobe Reader, or don’t have it installed, you can download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader (which is free).

How long do I have to complete the class?

Whether you are a night person or early rise, you can do the class at your own pace and on your own schedule. However, you must complete the assessment within 11 months of purchasing the class. This ensures that you have the most up to date information that covers the material on the assessment. If you attempt the assessment after 11 months, you will not receive credit for the class. Also please note: The date on your certificate will be the date you complete and pass the assessment, not the date you purchased the class.

How long does it take to actually read your class? Do I really need to set aside the number of hours assigned to the class?

My classes are very thorough and comprehensive. They are designed so that if I were actually teaching you in person, they would meet the requirements for the hours assigned. But, everyone reads and comprehends the material at a different speed, so it may take you a little less or a little more than the number of hours given for the class.
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