Newsletter excerpts: 10 New Studies and 1 reference on Neck pain--December 2022

Posted by: Michelle Burns
Date Posted: December 9, 2022

Here is some of the information I recently shared in the December newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific focus.  This newsletter is focused on neck pain and upper cross syndrome. If you would be interested in receiving my newsletters, which include links to the studies as well as special offers and sales coupons, please head over to my contact page and sign up.


  1. Kinesio tape combined with stretching vs stretching for neck pain
  2. SCM stretching and massage for neck pain
  3. Decompression of Greater Occipital Nerve for chronic neck pain
  4. Association of jaw dysfunction with upper cross syndrome
  5. Comparison of strain-counterstrain vs muscle energy technique in neck pain
  6. Flexibility: the forgotten component
  7. Effects of dry needling of Obliquus Capitis Inferior in neck pain
  8. Effect of Pilates mat exercise on myoelectric activity of cervical muscles
  9. Comparison of active release technique vs Kinesio taping for neck pain
  10. Effect of electro-acupuncture vs laser acupuncture on myofascial neck pain


  1. Effects of massage on neck pain poster for download


1. A study titled Is Kinesio Tape in combination with stretching and/or exercise more effective than traditional stretching and/or exercise at reducing pain and decreasing neck disability in adults with mechanical neck pain: A meta analysis, published in ProQuest Dissertations Publishing in 2021 concludes:  the results of the meta-analysis favors the use of Kinesio tape as an adjunct to traditional stretching and/or strengthening exercises to decrease disability for individuals with mechanical neck pain..

2.  A study titled The effects of combined Sternocleidomastoid muscle stretching and massage on pain, disability, endurance, kinesiophobia, and range of motion in individuals with chronic neck pain: A randomized, single-blind study, published in Musculoskeletal Science and Practice in Oct 2021 concludes:
Stretching and massage applied to the SCM can reduce pain and disability in chronic neck pain
Stretching and massage applied to the SCM can increase endurance in CNP
Stretching and massage applied to the SCM can increase some cervical ROM in CNP

3. A study titled Decompression of the greater Occipital nerve improves outcome in patients with chronic headache and neck pain—a retrospective cohort study, published in Accra Neurochirurgica in 2021 concludes: decompression of greater Occipital nerve may reduce neck pain and headache in selected patients with persistent headache neck pain, and clinical signs of Greater Occipital Nerve neuralgia.

4. A study titled Association of jaw dysfunction with upper cross syndrome in subjects with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, published in RMJ in 2021 concludes: TMJ dysfunction is associated with upper cross syndrome. We found a variety of severity levels and associated prognostic indicators.

5. A study titled Immediate Effect of Strain Counterstrain Technique versus Muscle Energy Technique on Upper Trapezius Tenderness in Non-specific Neck Pain, published in International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research in Jun 2021 concludes: Both techniques are equally effective in treating pain, increasing lateral flexion and rotation range of motion, and improving pain pressure sensitivity.

6. A study titled Flexibility: The Forgotten Component of Fitness, published in Eastern Illinois University The Keep in 2021 concludes: Post-intervention showed significant changes in both the eccentric exercise and the static stretching group….concluded that eccentric exercise significantly increased flexibility and that there was no significant difference between eccentric exercise and static stretching in improving flexibility.

7.  A study, titled  Effects of dry needling of the Obliquus Capitis Inferior on sensorimotor control and cervical mobility in people with neck pain: A double-blind, randomized sham-controlled trial, published in Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy in 2021 concludes:
A single session of dry needling of the Obliquus Capitis Inferior reduces cervical joint position error in people with neck pain
Dry needling of the Obliquus Capitis Inferior does not have an effect on cervical movement sense or postural stability
Dry needling of the Obliquus Capitis Inferior increases upper cervical range of motion measured with the flexion rotation test

8. A study titled Effect of Pilates mat exercise on myoelectric activity of cervical muscles in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain: Randomized clinical trial, published in Egyptian Journal of Chemistry in Mar 2022, concludes:  …statistically significant effect in both groups in treatment and time with favor to Pilates group. Pilates mat exercise combined with conventional therapy and conventional therapy alone are effective techniques for refining neck pain, function, and muscle amplitude in subjects with chronic mechanical neck pain, with further advantages shown in the experimental group that received the Pilates mat exercise treatment.

9. A study titled Comparative Study: Active Release technique versus Kinesio-Taping in chronic postural neck pain, published in Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology in 2021 concludes: the two groups showed significant effects on reducing neck pain, improving flexibility and range of motion after receiving the techniques. However, there was a significant difference following the application of Kinesio Taping Technique as compared to Active Release Technique in improving range of motion and reducing neck pain.

10. A study titled Immediate effects of electro-acupuncture versus laser acupuncture on pain and disability in women with chronic cervical myofascial pain syndrome, published in Journal of Modern Rehabilitation in 2022 concludes: Both EA and LA interventions may be effective in alleviating the symptoms of cervical myofascial pain syndrome, but the EA can be more effective in reducing neck pain and disability in women with cervical myofascial pain syndrome.



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