Newsletter excerpts: 10 New Studies on chronic pain conditions--July 2021

Posted by: Michelle Burns
Date Posted: July 21, 2021

Here is some of the information I recently shared in the July newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific focus.  This newsletter is focused on chronic pain. If you would be interested in receiving my newsletters, which include links to the studies as well as special offers and sales coupons, please head over to my contact page and sign up.


  1. Sleep disturbances and pain outcomes in veterans
  2. Acupuncture effects on Fibromyalgia
  3. Cryotherapy for chronic pain
  4. Underwater exercise effects on postmenopausal Fibromyalgia symptoms
  5. Cryotherapy alleviates symptoms in chronic pelvic pain
  6. Effects of hydrotherapy on chronic lumbar pain
  7. Effectiveness of serial whole-body cryotherapy in Fibromyalgia
  8. Comparison of muscle conduction abnormality in Fibromylagia and chronic fatigue
  9. Efficacy of Vitamin D3 treatment for Fibromylagia
  10. COmparison of Prolotherapy and facet joint injection for chronic low back pain


1. An article titled The influence of sleep disturbances and sleep disorders on pain outcomes among veterans: A systematic scoping review, published in Sleep Medicine Reviews in April 2021 concludes: Sleep disturbances and sleep disorders were associated with worse pain outcomes among veterans with chronic pain. Treatment-induced sleep improvements ameliorated pain outcomes in veterans with sleep disorders and sleep disturbances.

2.  An article titled Greater somatosensory afferent with acupuncture increases primary somatosensory connectivity and alleviates Fibromyalgia pain via insular y-aminobutyric acid: A randomized neuroimaging trial published in Arthritis & Rheumatology in December 2020 concludes:  Fibromyalgia patients who received electroacupuncture therapy experienced a greater reduction in pain severity compared to patients who received mock laser acupuncture.

3. An article titled Use of cryotherapy for managing chronic pain: An evidence-based narrative, published in Pain and Therapy in Dec 2020, concludes:  Both local (ice packs) and non-local (partial and whole body cryotherapy) show promise in reducing chronic pain associated with various chronic diseases including those of rheumatic and degenerative origin. Cryotherapy appears to be a safe therapy in carefully selected patients with only minimal adverse effects reported in the literature.

4. A study titled Effect of underwater exercises on treating postmenopausal Fibromyalgia symptoms, published in European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine in Sept 2020 concludes: underwater exercises are very effective in treating Fibromyalgia postmenopausal symptoms.

5. A study titled Cryotherapy alleviates symptoms in chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome published in Andrologia in Dec 2020 concludes: cryotherapy could alleviate voiding symptoms, ameliorate pain and improve the quality of life in people with CP/CPPS.

6. A study titled Effect of Hydrotherapy on chronic pain in the lumbar region published in Journal of IMAB in Oct 2020 found: physiotherapy includes hydrotherapy with a water temperature of 36-37 C and magnetotherapy with a duration of 30-35 minutes treatment of the paravertebral muscle in the lumbar region, gluteus and lower limbs for 3 times a week for 1 month resulting in a reduction of the neurological and pain symptoms and the restoration of neurodynamics of n.ischiadicus.

7. A study, titled Serial whole-body cryotherapy in Fibromyalgia is effective and alters cytokine profiles, published in Advances in Rheumatology in January 2021 concludes: Whole body cryotherapy is effective in FM and reduces the burden of disease. The effects of serial WBC are strongest during application and are diminished 3 months after WBC treatment.

8.  A study titled Chronic fatigue syndrome: Abnormally fast muscle fiber conduction in the membranes of motor units at low static force load, published in Clinical Neurophysiology in Apr 2021 concludes: in chronic fatigue patients, muscle conduction increases abnormally with force, surface EMG can elicit abnormalities in both Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and the surface EMG abnormalities in Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue differ.

9. A study titled Efficacy and safety of weekly vitamin D3 in patients with Fibromyalgia: 12-week, double-blind, randomized, controlled placebo trial, published in Clinical Rheumatology in Feb 2021, concludes: there is no evidence of a trend in favor of vitamin D treatment, since we did not observe improvement in the VAS of pain or FIQ.

10.  A study titled Comparison of the effectiveness of Prolotherapy and facet joint injection in the treatment of chronic low back pain: a retrospective study, published in Turkiye Klinkeri Journal of Medical Sciences in Jan 2021 concludes: facet joint injection is considered more effective at relieving symptoms of back pain early in the condition, but Prolotherapy provided more benefit, according to long-term VAS scores.

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