Online Education

About Our Classes

Classes are offered online or in a downloadable pdf format for your convenience. Additionally, you can purchase a printed version of the class. This means you can purchase a class, read the material and earn your Certificate at your own pace – finish up those credits tonight or take your time to learn and study. Once you have read and studied the class material, you will take a multiple choice assessment. As soon as you pass the exam with a 70%, you’ll receive instructions to download a personalized Certificate of Achievement which you can keep for your massage license records and print to hang on your wall. The certificate also serves as proof of completing the CE credits, which you may need to send in to your state.

Benefits of Our Classes

Cost Effective

Saving time and money makes good business sense. A typical in-person class takes you away from your clients and the potential of making money. Our instant access to classes allow you the flexibility to complete your classes from home. For those looking for additional value, you can save by purchasing class packages, giving you more value for less money.

Researched & Timely

Because your instructor has degrees in nursing and alternative medicine as well as being a Licensed Massage Therapist, her classes are permeated with evidence-based therapeutic knowledge. When you complete one of her classes, you can feel confident you will walk away with practical and effective information that will benefit both you and your clients and contain information you often won’t find in other CE classes.

Easy Access

If you choose to complete the class online, the site is designed to work well on any platform (we use Table Mesa) seamlessly and easily. For those that like a tangible, hard copy of the information to refer back to and make notes in, the classes are available in a downloadable format or a hardcopy printed version.

Information on CE Credits

Each class is designed to give you useful information in a way that fits your schedule that you can apply in your life or massage therapy practice.

CE Classes are nationally approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. NOTE: Online technique classes are not approved in the state of Texas. A revised class is offered for those students in Texas wishing to take a class in the technique subject minus the technique portion for credit.

Although every effort has been made to keep this list up to date and current, please know that it is YOUR responsibility as a student and therapist to ensure that your state accepts CE credits from me. You’ll need to verify with your State’s massage therapy board to be sure of the continuing education and provider requirements. First time renewals and lapsed or expired licenses may have additional requirements.

Some states require a large number of hours per years to maintain your license, some have specific requirements how many can be distance learning, and some have no requirements for CEs. If you are wondering what your state requires, the American Massage Therapy Association has an updated, comprehensive database of state CEU requirements.

Texas Therapists

Each individual student is responsible to ensure they register for classes acceptable to their state and board. We will not verify you have registered for the Texas version of the class and are not responsible if you register for a technique version of the class and the hours are not accepted.

CE Acceptance

If the course you would like to sign up for is not currently approved by your professional board, please feel free to contact the director of your board requesting approval and/or contact Advanced Holistic Healing Arts.

Verifying Acceptance

Each individual student is responsible for contacting the applicable massage therapy state licensing agency and NCBTMB to confirm that these online CE credits are acceptable.

For more information about class policies, such as cancellation, accreditation, etc., please check out the FAQ page. If you don’t find the information you are looking for on the FAQ page, please contact us.

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