Room Rental

What you get:

  • A comfortable and professional room
  • Easy online scheduling—you can view the calendar from anywhere to see what time slots are available and book your appointment
  • You can book multiple appointments back-to-back—get a discount for booking more hours in a block
  • You can easily cancel and reschedule appointments online
  • You pay only for hours you use
  • Fees include 15 minutes of set up time and 15 minutes of tear down time
  • You can pay in cash at the time of use or online using PayPal

Working amenities for hourly rental include: electric massage table, table warmer and fleece pad, rolling stool, bolster, mirror, bottled water, and sanitizing and disinfecting supplies.

You provide:

Linens, blankets, pillows, lubricants, and your own forms.


The room is located in a multiple office business building on Bee Cave Road near Mopac. Onsite parking is available. The building includes a waiting lobby, shared bathrooms, and a break room/kitchenette with a balcony overlooking the greenbelt.


$15 for 1 hr appointment (includes 15 minutes set up and 15 minutes breakdown for a total room time of 90 minutes)

Add $5 for every additional 30 minutes of appointment time

Initial non-refundable deposit of $30

Please complete the form to set up a time to meet and see the space. I look forward to helping you build a successful practice.
Following the current (recent) pandemic of COVID-19, a novel virus, several policies have been implemented to protect both you and myself. Please note that as the research about the virus learns new information, these policies will be updated to reflect the most current recommended practices. Visit our COVID-19 Information page for details.
COVID-19 Information
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